Get A Grip - Grip Strength Enhancement Program

Get A Grip - Grip Strength Enhancement Program


Thanks for joining us on this inside look at a number of drills we use to increase grip strength.  Building grip strength is an essential component to any training  plan, and cannot be overlooked. Here at Varsity House Gym, we are always looking to maximize our time and give our clients the best hour of their day!  We have provided you with over 25 drills with detailed video instruction that can be incorporated into any gym or program. Pick a  section each day that corresponds to your lifting schedule and GET TO WORK!


10 Instructional Videos (Instant Download):

1) Farmers Holds
2) Fat Grip Curls
3) Axle Bar Holds
4) Off Implements
5) Medicine Ball
6) Isometric Holds
7) Sandbag
8) Rope Pull
9) Plate Pinch
10) Recovery Grip

Printed Drill Reference Guide (Instant Download)
USB Flash Drive w/ videos & guide
(MP4 & PDF)